Seven C’s (7 C's) of Effective Communication

 Completeness – 

·          Complete communication develops and enhances reputation of an organization.
·          Moreover, they are cost saving as no crucial information is missing and no additional cost is incurred in conveying extra message if the communication is complete.

Conciseness – 

·          It is both time-saving as well as cost-saving.
·          It underlines and highlights the main message as it avoids using excessive and needless words.
·          Concise communication provides short and necessary message in limited words to the audience.
·          Concise message is more likeable and comprehensible to the audience.

Consideration – 
       Emphasize on “you” approach.
       Empathize with the audience and display interest in the audience.
       Show optimism towards your audience

Clarity – 
       It makes understanding easier.
       Complete clarity of thoughts and ideas heightens the meaning of message.
       Clear message makes use of exact, reserve and concrete words.

Concreteness – 
       It is backed with specific facts and figures.
       It makes use of words that are clear and that build the reputation.
       Concrete messages are not misunderstood.

Courtesy – 
       Courtesy means taking into consideration both viewpoints as well as feelings of the receiver of the message.
       Courteous message is positive and focused at the audience.

Correctness –
       The message is exact, correct and well-timed.
       If the communication is correct, it boosts up the confidence level.
       Correct message has greater effect on the audience/readers.


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