Understanding of Intelligence (IQ - EQ - SQ - CQ)

Our current understanding of intelligence is one of the major barriers preventing our happiness and success. We must therefore each develop our intelligence beyond intellectual and emotional, to meaning and connection.
IQ - EQ - SQ - CQ
Theories suggest that the key to success in today’s world requires you to go beyond intellectual or rational intelligence (IQ), to that which is described as emotional intelligence (EQ).

EQ - Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in us and in our relationships. EQ is a basic requirement for effective use of IQ (Daniel Goleman).
As a society, we’ve realized that ‘no man is an island’, and hence we need to be effective at relating to others to be successful. Developing our EQ therefore helps us understand ourselves and relate to others more effectively.
However, although EQ may help you achieve a certain level of success, even if you’re building on a high level of IQ, it does not enable Unconditional Happiness. To achieve Unconditional Happiness we must develop along the continuum of intelligence to gain meaning (Spiritual Intelligence - SQ) and then connection (Cosmic Intelligence - CQ).

SQ - Spiritual Intelligence is the intelligence with which we address and solve problems of meaning and value. It helps us place our action and our lives in a wider, richer meaning-giving context so that we may assess whether one course of action or one life-path is more meaningful than another (Danah Zohar).
Developing our SQ helps us understand our purpose in life. And using this, it helps us better distinguish between the paths we may take toward gaining greater meaning. As with any journey, developing your SQ takes time and practice. It requires deep reflection and contemplation. But as your SQ develops and your new found meaning emerges, so to does a desire for more – you begin to understand and search for connection.

CQ - Cosmic Intelligence is the intelligence with which we understand the deep level of connection we have with all that’s in the universe. At the most basic level this is an understanding that our physical being consists of matter and that everything else in the universe is matter also, hence the connection. At the deepest level however, we are able to feel and fully experience the connection we have beyond a simple scientific explanation. Through our intuition that flows from our soul we are able to sense that all within and beyond the universe are one, and as a part of that universe, we are a part of that whole.
Extending the development of your intelligence from IQ and EQ to SQ and CQ helps you find your place in the universe. It helps you draw from and unleash the true potential you have that resides in your soul. And through this, you not only gain the meaning you desire, but you realise your ultimate connection with all that is around you.

By developing your intelligence and reaching the realms of SQ and CQ, you begin to Flow, with Purpose, as Yourself - through meaning and connection you begin to journey along the path of Unconditional Happiness as a deeply connected part of the universe.


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