Website Redesign

1. Website Designing Architecture According to SEO

Search engines look explicitly at how all your pages are linked together in order to determine their place within the site. Pages that are linked from every other page will be given more weight than those that are only linked from a few others. This is all considered a form of internal link popularity, or in Google language, internal Page Rank. Here are only one search engine which is providing a ranking of a site by there own tools.

2.Website Content should not be Duplicate.

when people need information from a search Engine like Google MSN Yahoo etc…, they formally have a question, a problem, or a need for specific information. The search queries they use at Google and the other popular engines reflect this. The many ways you can classify your content for the various target markets you serve, the better. and after this you will get the information about the specific search by the search engine

3. Website Content Management System and Changing URLS of a Website

Here are some effects of changing a website URL after indexing the search engine or after Website Re-designing there may we must changing Website URL in the Website Redesign due to a new content management system or back-end coding, search engines may take some time to index the new URLs as well as give them the same weighting they gave the previous URLs due to URL age factors. And if your website URL is easy to understand by search engine that’s good I mean if your website your which has been created by you due to content management system relevant the keyword of your website theme then that will be indexed easily and shortly also.

4. Website Coding of Navigation Menus

Here we are describing about your website linking structure if your website link structure easy to visible for a user and search engine also then that is good,

Links contained within the navigation of your website should be coded in a search engine–friendly manner so that they are visible and crawlable. Some DHTML and Flash menus are invisible to search engines, which causes the pages linked within them to not receive the internal link popularity they should receive. It is really probably to understand for a search engine so your website menu and DHTML navigation should be a readable to search engine..

5. Website Custom HTML Elements should be SEO according

Here are the description of HTML elements in the meaning While some level of automation for titles, meats, headers, URLs, and alt attributes for images can be helpful, it's critical that your new website's content management system allow you to create custom descriptions for these as well. And in this way Search engine can read easily your content and understand your image also because there we have define some alt attributes and titile at the urls.

6. Website Session IDs and Other Tracking Links

It's best not to use session IDs to track visitors, but if your system must use them, you'll only need to feed the "clean" URLs to the search engine spiders – otherwise, they may get caught in an infinite loop, indexing the same content under multiple URLs.

You'll also want to avoid any sort of campaign tracking links appended to URLs because these can split your link popularity by causing your content to be indexed under multiple URLs.

Note: So we should redesign our website according to search engine we have describe some things in above if you have any website design and website re-design tracts then you can post your comment. we are awaiting your reply but your question and Answer should be Related the Following things Search Engine Optimization, Website designing, Website redesigning link building popularity , website ranking improving
Social Media Optimization Google Page Rank Improving etc…….


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