Export XML from Excel 2010


  1. XML file with structure matching the Excel data - can be a previously exported xml file
  2. Enable Developer tab in Excel main tabs. This can be done in Options Customize Ribbon

Exporting to xml

  1. Open Excel  file
  2. If filters are enabled go to Data tab and disable them
  3. Go to Developer tab and click Source which will open a sidbar XML Source sidebar. Click XML Maps... there
  4. In the window that pops up choose Add map  then choose the previously generated xml, click ok  in the message box that says that it doesn't contain XML Schema, and click ok to close XML Maps window.

5) Drag over the Row element to the A1 cell. This will create the xml mapping.

6) Not the xml mappings are created. Go ahead and save the file as xml. File -> Save as and choose File type as XML Data.


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